LeadNow is revolutionizing the service industry: generate quality leads while working in the field.

LeadNow replaces complex marketing strategies with a paperless approach to lead generation, delivering instant ROI.

LeadNow | Revolutionizing the Service Industry

Capture Leads with a snap. Service within 24 hours. The way business was meant to be done.






Generating quality leads is just the beginning...

Enjoy exponential business groeth while eliminating complex and resource consuming marketing strategies.


How it works

Every day prospects submit requests through technicians in the field - and you know the story - the same prospect (or current customer) calls in a few days later complaining that they never received a call back from your company. This is lost revenue!

LeadNow enables technicians to submit leads in seconds so that a sales representative can schedule an immediate appointment or even process a Same Day Service Provided. Never miss a hot lead again!

Lead Submitted Instantly > Appointment Booked > Same Day Service Provide > Customer Experience Transformed > Revenues Sky Rocket!





Mr. Bobby Jenkins, President & Owner of ABC Home & Commercial Services, shares his experience using LeadNow:


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